Acupuncture Needle Applicator

NeoAcu is an acupuncture needle applicator containing cartridges of 60 or 70 sterile single-use needles, which can be applied immediately. The acupuncturist does not need to extract and prepare each individual needle as usual.



Acupuncturists can use NeoAcu for all kind of acupuncture treatment (body,
ear, hand etc.), since the insertion depth varies with the selected settings:
1-3 mm, 3-5 mm, 5-7 mm or 7-9 mm.



The applicator is fast and easy to use. It is ready for operation at any time and gives the acupuncturist free handling possibilities with the second hand.


Low pain

NeoAcu guaranties highest safety while inserting the needle. The patient barely feels the insertion of the needle. Even patients with needles phobia can be treated.

Each cartridge contains 60 or 70 sterile single-use needles depending on the diameter. A sterile control guide, which determines the insertion depth, is further needed for each patient.


Catalog schwa-medico (PDF)

Download Device Manuals (PDF)